Our Story

What We Offer

Ashery Farms offers a taste of fresh, wholesome foods to Licking County and the surrounding areas. Our cheese and meats are delivered weekly from Ohio's Amish country. Our breads and pastries are freshly baked by Linda Woosley, a local Mennonite baker. Our hormone-free beef, chicken, pork, and turkey are raised on a traditional farm rather than on factory farms, then processed at a small, certified-organic processing shop in the Amish Country of Indiana. Though our products come from many places, our efforts are to buy local Ohio products wherever feasible.

Who We Are

Ashery Farms is a result of a life-time of bulk food retail in the Cecil Yoder family. Thirty years ago Norita's father began selling bulk foods for the purpose of offering the local Amish neighbors basic food supplies without their having to travel long distances. The store soon expanded into a full line of bulk foods, spices, cheese and meats. After Norita's marriage to Marcus, they managed the store for her parents, gaining valuable experience in the retail industry. The Ashery Country Store in Holmes County, Ohio continues to expand and is very successfully owned and operated by Curt Yoder. When the opportunity presented itself, Marcus and Norita decided to offer this same great tradition of wholesome foods to their community.

Why “Ashery Farms”?

The name Ashery originates from a location 2½ miles north of Mt. Hope where State Route 241 crosses a small creek. In this small valley, five roads converge, creating a place of five corners. At this intersection in the early 1900's, there was a business where people brought the ashes from their stoves and recycled them into lye soap. This facility was called “The Ashery”. The soap making business is long gone, but the five corners kept the Ashery name.

Cecil and Freda Yoder began their bulk food store at this location in 1979, and it was natural to name it “Ashery Country Store” since local people would immediately recognize the location. At these five corners they raised a family and a tradition of quality bulk foods. Today that business is very successfully owned and operated by Norita's brother Curt Yoder. Marcus and Norita are seeking to bring that same quality tradition to their community in the business of Ashery Farms located in Heath, Ohio.